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So, yet another MechWar clone. Why spend the time to make a playable game? Because I'm bored and I would like to create a game that's just plain fun to play. Battletech was a good choice because there was only one other direct adaptaion out there (to my knowledge) and it didn't have AI or Network support. It also had a wide fan base of people who could help me with any of the issues that poped up.

Besides, all the rules where written out and playtested and there was a rich fiction to draw on for a story.

Which are all pluses since I'm terribly uncreative.

So what do I want to do with this project?

Firstly I would like to include a good stand alone game. One with a good Campaign shell, reasonably good story and good enough AI to be fun and challenging without being a cheat. That would also include all the various Unit Editors and the allowing a great deal of user costomization. I want it to be easy for players to enter scenarios or campaigns and play them.

Many BattleTech Fans also want multiplayer, so I guess I'll get around to adding it eventually. There will also be a Play By Email option.

Feel free to contact me at juton@webave.com