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Table of Contents :

1.1 System Requirements
1.2 What files do I need to download
1.3 How stable is it?
1.4 When is the next release?
1.5 Why won't MechWar 3025 run under Windows 2000/XP?
1.6 Program crashes on a General Protection Fault
1.7 I can't download / I get a 6k File.
1.8 Is this an official FASA / WizKids product.
1.9 What does this program have to do with :
       Mechwar 1.12 / 1.2 Beta / 2 / 3D
1.10 How can I help or contribute?
1.11 Did you know your program has spelling errors?
1.12 Can I get the source code?
1.13 How can I contact you?
1.1 System Requirements :

SVGA Monitor / Card
- Capable of 640x480x15/16/24/32
8 Megs RAM
386 +
Mouse (Recommended)
MS-DOS 5+ / Windows 95 / Windows 98
(or compatable)
1.2 What files do I need to download?

If you just want the newest version to test on your computer you only need to get MWVER0XX.ZIP from the download page. Make sure you uncompress the directory structure.

If you like what you see so far you can also download additional files to help create new missions, those would be:

CEDIT0XX.ZIP - Conflict Editor, allows you to make a new battle by choosing the maps you want to play and the units you want to use.
MEDIT0XX.ZIP - Map Editor, allows you to edit map files.
MEPS.ZIP - .MEP to .MEC file converter. I use my own 'Mech format with MechWar 3025, so this will allow you to convert 'Mech Engineer Pro files to my format.
1.3 Its an Alpha, just how stable is it ?

The has passed its earlier buggy phase and is now onto its latter buggy phase. Actually I get through 95%+ of games without it crashing / hanging so its actually pretty stable. Everything isn't implemented yet, and some functions still have bugs but the newer versions are getting better. Although I must caution however, that if the input files are not setup exactly there is a good chance of the program quitting back to DOS.
1.4 When is the next release ?

Hopefully the inside of a month

(but you can infer from the main page that it will probably be next wednesday)
1.5 Why won't MechWar 3025 run under Windows 2000/XP ?

Windows 2000 acts like a server, and all hardware usage requests must use Windows 2000. Mechwar 3025 is a 32-bit MS-DOS based program, it is not compatible with this feature of Windows 2000.

This problem possible could be solved by getting the Win 2000 compatibility update.

If that still doesn't work and you want to try and work around it, you need to install Mechwar 3025 on to a FAT 16 or FAT 32 partition and start your computer with an MS-DOS boot disk or a Win 95/98 Emergency disk.
1.6 The program doesn't run/crashes because of a "General Protection Fault"

Some people have experienced problems with Windows 98/2000 you could try:
Restarting in MS-DOS Mode

If that doesn't work you can try changing you config.sys or autoexec.bat
My Config.Sys looks like this:

My AutoExec.Bat look like:

If the program crashes part way through, tell me where it crashes
and if it happens every time/most of the time/some of the time.

If the program doesn't even start, tell me your OS Type, RAM /
any thing else you think I should know.
1.7 I can't download / I get a 6k file ?

Tripod has a portal, you have to left klick
on the file link, that will take you to a
new page with another link. THAT should work.
1.8 Is this program an official product of FASA inc. or WizKids LLC?

This is a fan produced game and has no official or unofficial connection with FASA inc or WizKids LLC. It is based on the BattleTech series of games, games which I have no Intellectual Property Ownership over what so ever.
1.9 What does this program have to do with MechWar 1.12 / MechWar 1.2 / MechWar 2 / MechWar 3D ?

Officially Nothing
However I used MechWar 1.12 as an inspiration and as a yard stick to judge my progress.
This program has no tie to any other MechWar game, however the title is an homage to MechWar 1.12 (also symptimatic of my lack of imagination)
1.10 How can I help or contribute ?

Projects like this thrive of feedback, so any ideas you have would be welcome. Also input on features you would like to see, any bugs you've found or design errors I may have made.

Also feel free to make your own mech sprites or scenarios and send them in, and if you'd like I can include them in future releases for all to enjoy.
1.11 Did you know your program has spelling errors?

I don't doubt it, however I use Canadian spelling, some words are spelled differently
For instance :
Armor - Armour
Center - Centre
Color - Colour
1.12 Can I get the source code?

I do plan to release the source code, eventually.
Which means right now the answer is no.
I plan to release the code once I've added multiplayer, which will be a while. I still haven't decided on the liscence (but probably the GNU or BSD liscence.)
1.13 How can I contact you?

I can be reached at this address:
Please allow a few days for reply