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More Delays
Unfortunatly everything is going slower than I'd like, and I currently have a lot less time to work on it. I'd like to give a solid deadline on when the next version will be released but at this time I can't. The current code is up on th website under the GPL so anyone can take this code and run with it.

If you have an itch for online turn based Battletech check out MegaMek
(note : requires a Java virtual machine)
I've also added ALLEG40.DLL for download on the download page.
Beta Holdup
I'm having some problems writing the network code, although I am still working on it. The current source code is up on the download page. I'm hoping to push the beta out the door in Febuary now.
Beta Progress
Beta is taking longer than expected although strides have been made. The revised date is the end of November/start of December and even if I have not finished Beta by then I will release all the code I have.
Alpha development is finished
After about a year I think the Alpha version is done. The next step is to write a proper Beta version which should have most if not all the functions I want in the program. Since the general framework is laid out I hope to have a release of the Beta by September.

You can still contact me at juton@webave.com or on the forum if you have any questions or comments.
June 5th, 2002: MechWar ver.045 released
MechWar 3025 now reads Level 1 DBM Files, as does CEDIT and the .DMB to .MEC converter has been fixed.
May 29th, 2002: .DBM to .MEC Converter
DMBC converts Level 1 Version 1 Drawing Board files to .MEC files for MechWar 3025

* Includes Source Code
May 22nd, 2002: CEDIT v0.010
Cedit will now be able to handle .HMP files
* Removed older versions to save space on server.
May 15th, 2002: MechWar ver.044 released
MechWar 3025 can now read .HMP Files
May 8th, 2002: .HMP to .MEC Converter
HMPC converts Level 1 Heavy Metal Pro files to .MEC files for MechWar
May 1st, 2002: CEDIT v0.009b
Cedit should now be able to handle 1000+ .MEP files
April 24th, 2002: MechWar 3025 source released
The MechWar 3025 source is now online under the GPL, also a version compiled for windows is available.
April 17th, 2002: MechWar 3025 ver.043, Forums

MechWar 3025 can now read normal .MEP files
Conflict Edit .009 has been updated to read MEP files as well (to a maximum of 100 total files)

Also MechWar 3025 now has its own Forum at : http://pub25.ezboard.com/bmw3025
April 10th, 2002: ConflictEdit ver.009 released

Conflict Edit now allows access to more Mechs/Vehicles/Sprites etc.

* Note : Due to tripod space restrictions I have had to delete most of the older version off the server.
April 3rd, 2002: MechWar 3025 ver.042 Alpha
Version .042 : Uses a new version of the graphics library (Allegro) Which provides a few minor improvements.
March 27th, 2002: MechWar 3025 ver.041 Alpha
Version .041 : MechWar can use seperate Scenarios
CEDIT : has been updated to allow vehicles and work better with more than 8 mechs
March 20th, 2002: MechWar 3025 ver.040 Alpha
Version .040 : Units can moved by the mouse.
March 13th, 2002: MechWar 3025 ver.039 Alpha
Version .039 Has improved vehicles
March 6th, 2002: MechWar 3025 ver.038 Alpha
Version .038 Has some bug fixes
Febuary 27th, 2002: MechWar 3025 ver.037 Alpha
Version .037 Has improved Vehicles
Febuary 20th, 2002: MechWar 3025 ver.036 Alpha
Has improved Vehicles
Febuary 13th, 2002: MechWar 3025 ver.035 Alpha
Has VERY basic Vehicles
Febuary 6th, 2002: New .MEP to .MEC converter released
New version handles clan weapons and ammunition better. Still only compatible with level 2 technology.
January 30th, 2002: ConflictEdit ver.008, MapEdit ver.004 released

Conflict Edit allows Elementals, and upto 32 units
Map Edit has some graphic fixes
January 23th, 2002: MechWar 3025 ver.034 released

Version .034 has some bugfixes
January 16th, 2002: MechWar 3025 ver.033 released

Version .033 has some bugfixes
January 9nd, 2002: MechWar 3025 ver.032 released

Version .032 has Improvements to Infantry Swarms
January 2nd, 2002: MechWar 3025 ver.031 released

Version .031 has some display and Infantry/Elemental Improvements
December 26th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.030 released

Version .030 has improved Elementals
December 19th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.029 released

Version .029 has basic Elementals
December 12th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.028 released

Version .028 has some minor changes
This release marks the Sixth Month of consecutive updates.
December 5th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.027 released

Version .027 has some minor Bugfixes
November 28th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.026 released

Version .026 has some Infantry Improvements
November 21st, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.025 released

Version .025 Allows 32 Mechs at once and has Infantry Swarm Attacks
November 14th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.024 released

Version .024 has some AI improvements
November 7th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.023 released

Version .023 has AI for Infantry
October 31st, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.022 released

Version .022 has improved Infantry and some bug fixes
October 24th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.021,
Conflict Edit ver.007, Map Edit ver.002 released

Version .021 has basic Infantry.
October 17th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.020 released

Version .020 has improved graphic effects
* This version is incompatible with the current CEDIT
October 10th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.019 released

Version .019 has minor misc. improvements and to the AI
October 3rd, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.018 released

Version .018 has minor improvements to Initiative and AI
September 26th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.017 released

Version .017 has proper initiative and better graphics
September 19th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.016 released

Version .016 simultaneous weapon fire and physical attacks
September 12th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.015 released

Version .015 Has aimed shots and quad mechs plus many misc. improvements
September 5th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.014 released

Version .014 is a minor improvement that fixes some skidding problems
August 29th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.013,
Conflict Edit ver.006, Map Edit ver.002 released

Version .013's Option.dat now works and roads and bridges are now implemented
August 22th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.012,
Conflict Edit ver.005 released

Version .012 has Level 2 Clan weapons and is much more stable DOWNLOAD along with an enhanced MEP file converter
August 15th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.011

Version .011 has Level 2 IS weapons. DOWNLOAD
August 8th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.010 and
Conflict Edit ver.004 released

Version .010 has Improved Weapons Fire, Stacking and AI. DOWNLOAD
August 1st, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.009 and
Conflict Edit ver.009 released

Version .009 has Multimaps and Weapons Fire, and Conflict Edit lets you set multiple Maps.Get it from the DOWNLOAD page
July 25th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.008 and
Conflict Edit ver.002 released

Version .008 has Individual Sprites and Pilot Files, and Conflict Edit lets you set them.Get it from the DOWNLOAD page
July 18th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.007 Released

Version .007 has fire and buildings, also a MapEditor is available from the DOWNLOAD page
July 11th, 2001: MechWar 3025 ver.006 Released

Version .006 has some bug fixes, check it out along with a .MEP file converter at the DOWNLOAD page.
July 6th, 2001: ConflictEdit .001 Released

An easier way to create custom missions, CEDIT .001 is now available from the DOWNLOAD page, it also include a bugfix for MechWar 3025 ver .005
July 4th, 2001: Version .005 Alpha Released

Version .005 has Ammo Explosions and multiple 'Mechs per side, get it at the DOWNLOAD page.
June 27th, 2001: Version .004 Alpha Released

Version .004 has Mouse Support and Critical Hits, its available now from the DOWNLOAD page.
June 19th, 2001: Version .003 Alpha Released

A new upgrade, with an expanded manual, available now from the DOWNLOAD page.
June 13th, 2001: Version .002 Alpha Released

A slight upgrade, with manual, version .002 Alpha is now available from the DOWNLOAD page.
June 7th, 2001: Version .001 Alpha Released

The newest and first version to be released, version .001 Alpha is now available from the DOWNLOAD page.
June 1st, 2001: Website Started

More to come